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W-Series Transmission Adaptor for 1UZFE Swap

W-Series Transmission Adaptor for 1UZFE Swap
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Product Description

W-Series Transmission Adaptor for 1UZFE Swap

This is it guys! This kit is custom made in-house with CNC design and manufacturing! Comes with the T56 Hydro-throwout for a zero fuss install. The kit comes complete including adapter plate, release bearing, and release bearing adapter kit. Stainless fittings are provided to attach your custom made clutch line, making for a zero fuss install. This allows the use of the W58 or W55 transmission with your 1UZFE V8 swap, OR the addition of a 5 speed to your SC400 or GS400!

If you have the G series transmission send us an email and we can get you setup as well!

As a quick recap: You will need the UZ V8 automatic bellhousing with this kit. You can use our "OEM style" or 11 lb chromoly flywheel with these kits if you plan to use a single disc clutch. Single disc clutches will need to be an SW20 MR-2 turbo.

We also have twin and triple disc QuarterMaster clutches (7.25" twin, 7.25" triple, and 8.5" twin disc) and flywheels. We include the OEM T56 throw out bearing with this kit. Our twin and triple disc kits use a billet RAM throw out bearing instead.

The kit will utilize the OEM auto bellhousing so perfect fitment is guaranteed! You will use the OEM bellhousing fasteners as they fit flawless and work great.